Thursday, May 14, 2015


We love our technology! Thirds graders use Kidblog and the SMARTBoard to write about and review TEKS while their classmates partner read or work in small groups with the teacher.

Lori Scott, Porter Elementary

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

App Smashing

2.9 A – Identify the basic needs of plants and animals
Second grade teacher Lisa Holder at Foster Village is using iPads in her classroom to enhance how students show their learning.  By app smashing, using two or more apps to create a project or complete a task, students use Doodle Buddy to draw a picture of a plant and what it needs to live.  They then put that picture into ChatterPix and recorded the basic needs of plants.  ChatterPix makes the picture ‘speak’ what has been recorded.  The level of engagement in Lisa’s classroom was amazing as were the collaborative conversations between students as they helped one another complete their projects.

Hello Tomie!

On of our third grade TEKS addresses author/illustrator Tomie dePaola. Students used iPad minis to visit his website, read his biography, and view his work. They pulled out important ideas and wrote a summary about his life! This was a very engaging way to discover more about this beloved author.
Lori scott

Friday, May 8, 2015


One of the 3rd grade Social Studies TEKS is about explaining the significance of writers such as Bill Martin Jr. In partner groups, students read two different stories by the author, compared and contrasted them, and then wrote about the style and impact of his work. The students used Chatterpix  app on the iPad to take a snapshot of their favorite page and record themselves reading it. Students are able to embellish their photos using features within the app.  The students were completely engaged in learning. Even my most reluctant readers worked on fluency to improve their recording. Even better, I allowed time for students to share their product with fellow classmates, which exposed students to other books by this author that they had not yet read. The sneak peak motivated them to pick up another book.

This app is super easy to use. I can envision multiple ways it can be used in a classroom.  In Math the student can take a picture of himself/herself and record an explanation of how to solve a math problem. For language development and speech student can practice fluency.

Chatterpix can also be used in conjunction with other apps (a.k.a. "app-smashing") to create more in depth projects.

Lori Scott, 3rd Grade, Porter Elementary