Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WMS 8th graders Play QuizletLive

Watauga Middle school 8th graders in Mrs. Cumbie's US History classes worked in groups to practice Constitution vocabulary with Quizlet's new game format, QuizletLive. Students worked together to review terms and definitions in a race against other groups.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Foster Village 2nd Graders Publish Writing with Storykit

2nd grader in Mrs. Holder's & Ms. Rukavina's classes. Used the Storykit app to publish stories they have written that were inspired by their author study of Robert Munsch.  The stories were emailed to the teacher, then the teacher was able to email them home to the parents.  Students loved publishing their stories as audio books!   Check out some of their work in the links below!

Monday, April 25, 2016

SMS Makerspace Poetry Project

Shout Out to Kerri Rowe, Angela Blankenship, and Beth Muirheid.

The SMS 7th grade reading teachers and librarian recently collaborated to design a learning opportunity where students demonstrate knowledge of sensory language (TEKS 7.8) while being allowed choice and creative freedom!

Makerspace Poetry Project: SMS students created a representation of a poem. Their reading teachers gave them only two requirements. Their creation MUST contain a color that represents the mood and at least one word that represents the theme.

Mary Hadley
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NOMS Uses PBIS Rewards Site and App for Student Incentive Program

North Oaks Middle School is trying a digital option for student incentives. Mustang Bucks are earned by students for specific positive target behaviors, and then teachers either scan student Ids with their cell phones and the app or manually enter students through the web version. PBIS Rewards is the site and app they chose to streamline and digitize this program for efficiency. Assistant Principal Paul Cook operates the physical store two days a week, and students can redeem their digital bucks for candy, spirit wear, school supplies and other items.

#FabWMS Chaperones Use App to Keep in Touch!

Watauga Middle school teachers Vanessa Seale, Josh Huff, Pam Bandy, and Sarah Strittmatter, used the GroupMe app on their cell phones to coordinate meetings during their chaperoned book festival event this past Saturday. GroupMe organizes group texts and helps groups stay connected and informed during big events and field trips. It is a free app that is also popular with students.

WMS 8th graders Create Digital Projects

Watauga Middle School 8th graders created a variety of digital products during their ELAR Famous Americans project. Teachers Clay Elmore and Vanessa Seale designed the project with many choices and both paper and digital products. Students used Canva, Powtoon, Padlet, Piktochart, and Moovly to produce their digital visuals.

NOMS 7th graders Use TinkerCad to Design Models

NOMS 7th grade Reading teacher Megan Wetz has students working in persuasive project based learning groups to design projects to pitch to Haltom City officials next week. Part of the project involves a 3D model of their building design and the students are using TinkerCad to create the models.

Friday, April 22, 2016

1st graders at Watauga create an iMovie for their weekly newsletter

Students in Ms. Bean's 1st grade class learned how to record and combine movies using iMovie.  This iMovie was uploaded to Youtube and the video was sent to parents in the weekly Smore newsletter. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Haltom MS: Emilia Alonso, Quizizz

Emilia Alonso6th grade math teacher at Haltom Middle, wanted a new formative assessment tool that would provide instant feedback to her students and real time data she could access at any time.  Quizizz provides just that!   "I have been using the Quizizz website and my kids love working individually.  My students feel very proud and enjoy seeing when the number of correct answers is higher than the incorrect ones. Also, I believe that my kids like that I can turn off the timer for the questions so they don't feel rushed."

Holiday Heights and Major Cheney GATE Students Use Google Forms

GATE students are working on a large end of year capstone project.  Students are using a variety of research resources to compile information on their self-selected topic.  Students wanted to get their peer’s viewpoints on their topic, so they created a google form to create a survey.  Students  are taking the data from google forms to summarize their findings in their project. 
Examples of Survey Questions: 
Which search engine do you prefer to use?
Rating Apple Products
Do you believe Big Foot exits?  Explain your thinking. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Reflecting on Learning using Kidblog

Students in Mrs. Cook’s classes recently have been researching inventors and creating posters of what they found.  Cook then created classes in Kidblog and posted questions for reflection about the students’ research.  Cook partnered with Ms. Fontenot in the computer lab to have kids use lab time to log in to Kidblog and reply to the reflection questions.  Great use of Kidblog and lab time!

NOMS 7th graders Take Vocabulary Quiz in Socrative

NOMS 7th grade ELA teacher Megan Wetz runs her weekly vocabulary quiz through online Socrative site. Students use classroom devices and their own devices to take the quick assessment. Grades are immediate and sent via email to Wetz after each quiz.

Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Thinglink

Monday, April 18, 2016

NOMS Spanish Students Interact with new Game from Quizlet

NOMS Spanish teacher Wesley Poston uses the latest QuizletLive game in his class to make online vocabulary review even more interactive. The new game pulls 12 words and definitions from your Quizlet flash card lists and then groups students randomly to compete in teams to reach mastery. The team element adds collaboration and more engagement as kids try to support their teammates.

1st and 5th grade GATE students researching together at Smithfield Elem

All BISD GATE students are researching a topic of their interest called a Capstone Project.

I had my 5th graders and 1st graders working side by side on their own topics but they we're able to help each other as needed.  This day they were studying the Rules of their topic and listing the Language of the Discipline (vocabulary) as they encountered it in their research.

Standards Board Displaying Student Work

The bulletin board outside Ms. Xavonglianekham’s room is proudly displaying some new student work.  This board was designed to show specific standards the students have worked on and some of their exemplar work.  After the written work was complete, students then used ChatterPix to make a recording about their writing.  Videos were uploaded to YouTube and QR codes created to place under the student’s writing sample.  Awesome use of digital resources!

Reaching Students through Blogging

Haltom High School English I teacher Mike Wilson has recently jumped into blogging with Blogger. When asked about his opinion of Blogger in the classroom Mike said, "I've been trying to do more and more to support my learners needs with technology and it's been really paying off lately. Recently I have been using Blogger. Each day, I post the instructions, expectations, and the ways they'll be evaluated. I also add other helpful links, videos, etc... This originally was to help learners that missed class or couldn't remember what we had done that day, but then it occurred to me that all of them would probably want to know what was going to happen before class each day. After I post the daily agenda, I send the students a link to the blog in Remind. They now come in knowing the basics of what we're doing, so class can start immediately. It adds more learning time and reduces lecture time in class!"

NOMS 8th graders Work on Membean

NOMS 8th grade teacher Pam Starnes encourages her students to practice their vocabulary on Membean at the start of class. Membean is a differentiated online vocabulary option with many visuals and integrated word root study.

Kindergarten learns how to use a Smartboard

We have connected our grade level Smartboard and invited our tech specialist in to teach us how to use it. We now use it on a weekly basis.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Introduction to ChatterPix Kids for Kinders

This week in Cindy Bailey’s library, Kindergarten kids had a chance to see what ChatterPix kids was all about.  Bailey introduced the kids to the app by having them take a picture of themselves and then telling who they were and what class they were in.  Giggles erupted when the students played back what they created.  Bailey plans to send the video creations to each Kinder teacher.  Looking forward to seeing other projects created before school ends!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Using SmartScopes to Compare Textures

Kinders at David E. Smith Elementary spent some time observing the textures of the skins of fruit yesterday using the campus’s Smart Scopes.  They zoomed in close to see the colors and layers of the fruit.  Then they compared what they saw to an animal skin texture chart they created in the days before.  What a great way to make observations and comparisons using digital resources.  Awesome work Mrs. Mais and Mrs. Herring!

Monday, April 11, 2016

QR Codes in the Middle School Classroom

Amber Norris is a Science teacher at Haltom Middle School and she has jumped head first into the world of QR codes. When asked about QR codes, Ms. Norris said, "I love the QR codes. I wasn't familiar with them until we did a PD training on them. They are SUPER easy to use! Our kids love trivia games and different ways to test their knowledge. They are always checking out posters and quotes in the hallways so I decided to hang the moon phases throughout the hallways and attached the QR codes with them to check their answers. What's interesting is I see students from other grade levels and even adults quizzing themselves. I hear conversations and debates about the phases. I plan to do more trivia this way. Science does a daily "what am I" riddle and I plan to move those into the hallways with QR codes attached. You could use them outside your door for information on your class or class syllabus. A weekly agenda, schedule of games (coaches) even vocabulary definitions. QR codes could be integrated into any lesson really."

Thursday, April 7, 2016

NRMS teachers try out Google Classroom

#bisddlp #bisdshines NRMS teachers Gina Bergman & Frances Hudson are using the last 6 weeks to try out Google Classroom and additional new concepts for next year. They are working together with their 7th grade writing students to deliver new and innovative instruction. This week they asked students to do some creative writing to explain a concept. Students had to also create visual representations of their writing. Classmates worked in pairs, through Google Docs, for real-time collaboration. Then they were asked to choose from a variety of tools to create info graphics. Prior to final submission, the classes had to share their work with other classmates for peer review. This could be done through Google Drive or Google Classroom. When complete, the teams are to submit their assignments to their teachers via Google Classroom.

This was the first time these middle school students truly experienced Google Classroom. It was a learning experience for all. Essential to the success of the project was the collaboration between teachers, students and their librarian Julie Pursley. Gina and Frances prepared the lessons and made sure students had plenty of time to complete their work in class, at home or in the library. Julie made sure students understood the mechanics of using the Google tools and her teachers felt supported in their efforts. On Wednesday when the students were working in the library lab, it was evident there was a lot of learning, ownership and student choice going on. Gina Bergman commented on how engaged her students were with the process.

With excellent planning, students had freedom to make a variety of choices related to their projects. Neither teacher had to be experts using the project software offered. They allowed students to learn on their own and created an environment where failure became a challenge to a solution. Comprehensive rubrics allowed for objective evaluation and students felt true ownership over their work.

Gina, Frances & Julie worked hard to embrace a new process. As a result students excelled with confidence. Their work one reason BISD Shines!

North Oaks 8th graders Create Online Games in Math!

8th grade Math teacher Trevor Seaman had his NOMS students create their own digital games based on the objectives from the year. The students created math problems and designed games for each other play using popular learning game platforms: Kahoot, Quizizz, and Quizlet. Mr. Seaman reviewed games before the students ran them for classmates.

2nd Grade G.A.T.E. Scholars at ACFT

Yesterday at ACFT, 2nd grade Tiger G.A.T.E. scholars were utilizing new BISD Bond technology to successfully tackle their Capstone Research project:  How do killer whales communicate with each other and other unanswered questions?  They are utilizing a variety of digital resources to gather research and make new meanings as they move through their project.

#acfttigers #bisdshines

Stefanie Woodard, M.Ed.T., M.Ed.
Gifted and Talented Interventionist
The Academy at Carrie F. Thomas (817) 547-3033
Mullendore Elementary (817) 547-1900
Strategic, Learner, Achiever, Input, Maximizer

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

WMS Algebra 1 Teacher Uses Tech to Increase Mobility in Class

Watauga MS first year teacher, Jim Adams, uses his Project Innovate teacher iPad with Explain Everything app and Reflector2 for projecting in his Algebra 1 classroom. He is able to show work and notes while he walks around the room. The technology is giving him more flexibility during instruction time.

Augmented Reality Sandbox at WMS

8th grade science teacher Julie Pollard demonstrated the new augmented reality sandbox for use in all grade levels at WMS. Students can learn how topography, weather, erosion and landforms work by creating "landforms" in the sand. BCTAL students built the wooden container for the sand.

WMS 7th graders Use Yak-it Kids app for Poetry Project

Watauga MS 7th grade reading teacher Heather Raynsford had her students record original poetry into Yak-it Kids app on the iPads as part of a technology rich poetry choice project. The students enjoyed choosing images to voice their poem based on topics.

Google Apps on the iPad

You do not need access to a computer to proficiently use Google Apps for Education (GAFE -  There are Google apps for mobile platforms for seamless use!  Check out this list of 31 Google Apps for the iPad and how they can support teaching and learning:

(Similar apps are available for other mobile platforms)

WMS 8th graders Assess in Quizizz!

Watauga Middle US History teacher Elizabeth Cumbie created an assessment in Quizizz and used pics of her students and staff to create original memes that display after each question. Students used class Chromebooks or personal cell phones to participate. Cumbie then discussed answers with class while looking at results screen.

WMS 6th graders Create PSAs with Adobe Voice

Watauga MS's 6th grade ELA teachers Angel Cox and Colleen Zitzman introduced their students to Adobe Voice on the class iPads. Using a class Adobe ID, the kids created emotional and visual PSAs using their persuasive writing skills and the visuals with voice recording in Voice. The students quickly learned the functions of the app and are excited about using it again with a different template last 6-weeks.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Congratulations Ms. Upthegrove's Class!!! - Winning Video

Last week Ms. Upthegrove's class recorded a video to the song, Bingo, and submitted it to the Cantata Learning Rhythms and Rhymes Contest.

We found out today, they were one of the five winning videos and will receive 30 Cantata books for the library along with the sheet music.

You can view their video below.

Kathy Grupe
Library Media Specialist
West Birdville Elementary

Great ideas using nursery rhymes from our contest winners!

Congratulations to the Rhythms and Rhymes Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted videos to our Rhythms and Rhymes video contest. We had such a good time watching all of the creative ways students acted out nursery rhymes.

Teacher Librarian Shannon McClintock Miller had a tough time choosing our five winners but here they are!

Ms. Upthegrove's Class - Bingo!
Ms. Upthegrove's class at Westbirdville Elementary in Haltom, TX showss off their moves to Bingo! Be sure to watch the videos from all five contest winners!

Rhythms and Rhymes Global Project

There is more learning and sharing with nursery rhymes to be had! Join our newest Harmony Project, Rhythms and Rhymes Global Project. This is a great opportunity to build students' literacy skills using music and rhymes.

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