Monday, April 11, 2016

QR Codes in the Middle School Classroom

Amber Norris is a Science teacher at Haltom Middle School and she has jumped head first into the world of QR codes. When asked about QR codes, Ms. Norris said, "I love the QR codes. I wasn't familiar with them until we did a PD training on them. They are SUPER easy to use! Our kids love trivia games and different ways to test their knowledge. They are always checking out posters and quotes in the hallways so I decided to hang the moon phases throughout the hallways and attached the QR codes with them to check their answers. What's interesting is I see students from other grade levels and even adults quizzing themselves. I hear conversations and debates about the phases. I plan to do more trivia this way. Science does a daily "what am I" riddle and I plan to move those into the hallways with QR codes attached. You could use them outside your door for information on your class or class syllabus. A weekly agenda, schedule of games (coaches) even vocabulary definitions. QR codes could be integrated into any lesson really."

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