Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Creating Presentations via Google Slides

Google Slides is a free cloud-based presentation program available to all BISD employees and students in grades 3-12th grade that is similar to Microsoft's PowerPoint but boasts improved collaboration features. Tell stories that matter using Google Slides. Make your ideas shine with a variety of presentation themes, fonts, embedded video, animation, and more. Access, create, and edit your presentations anywhere and from any device using your BISD GAFE (Google Apps for Education) account, even when there is no connectivity. With Google Slides, everyone can work collaboratively in the same presentation. Users can share presentations with anyone, edit in real-time, chat, and comment to peer review content. PowerPoint files can be converted into a Google Slide and Google Slides can be exported as a PowerPoint file. All edits and changes to a presentation are automatically saved. Users can access revision history to view and restore older versions of the same presentation.

Google Slides in Action: Foster Village students work in collaborative groups and utilize Google Slides to demonstrate their knowledge on alternative energy sources. 

Digital Learning Platform: Google slides is a creative and collaborative platform that facilitates authentic tasks and products. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Collaboration via Google Docs

Google Docs is a GAFE (Google Apps for Education) word processing application that lets users create and collaborate via documents stored in the cloud. BISD employees and students in grades 3-12th grade can access Google Docs using their BISD Google login. Users can share documents with other people and choose permission level in which other users can view, edit, or comment on a Google Doc from any device. Teachers and students utilize Google Docs to brainstorm, improve collaborative workflow, peer review, research, and publish content

Google Docs in Action:  NRMS Middle School teachers are using Google Docs during creative writing activities. Students are able to share creative writing artifacts with other students for peer review. Students receive feedback prior to submitting the final product to their teacher in Google Classroom. 

Digital Learning Platform: Google Docs provides an interactive structure to facilitate authentic tasks and products. Docs can also be utilized as a best structure to improve feedback.  


Monday, September 26, 2016

Improving Vocabulary via SpellingCity

SpellingCity is an engaging game-based elementary resource application designed to improve vocabulary and spelling and is available to BISD elementary classrooms. SpellingCity works on any device. Teachers create custom word lists that are tailored to meet student needs and relevant to their interests. Students can view and hear words from their lists. Teachers can access free lesson plan ideas and supplemental materials in all subject areas and grade levels. Students receive immediate feedback

SpellingCity in Action: Students access SpellingCity in a vocabulary station to practice a custom word list, allowing teachers to have additional individual time to assist students.

Digital Learning Platform: SpellingCity is an interactive application that is student-centered, improving the overall cognitive experience for each learner. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

CTE Students Create on Canva

North Oaks CTE students created business cards for their marketing studies with Mrs. Wetz. They designed in Canva and then uploaded their completed cards through the class Canvas module.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Watauga MS Students Design Games in Scratch

WMS students do simple coding in Scratch to create games to share with friends. The students create "remixes" that can be shared and added to by other students to make collaborative coding projects.

WMS Librarian Uses Canva to Create Professional Promotional Posters

Watauga MS librarian Stephanie Roe used graphic design tool Canva to design promotional posters for the Overdrive program. The drag and drop functionality of this easy design tool make it popular with teachers and students.

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Star Spangled Story...

Fifth Grade students at ACFT are working on the next Music Class Standards-Based Bulletin Board (SBBB).  They are working on singing the Star Spangled Banner (SSB), as well as retelling the historical story behind it (TEKS include 5.3A, 5.5B, and 5.5D – singing the Star Spangled Banner, and examining the relationship between the song and the history behind it, along with Celebrating Freedom this week).  Today they started the project – with the iPads they had a choice of either working on the story and illustration using information from my website, or they could practice singing the song and make a video of their singing for me to watch later.  Students will continue working on this project next week, and the attached rubric will help me to determine the work which will make the SBBB – about the SBB!

Elizabeth Shier, M. Ed.
Academy at CF Thomas

Providing Feedback via Google Forms

Google Forms is a versatile, easy-to-use, paperless way to collect student responses for formative assessment. All educators and students in grades 3-12th grade can create a Google Form using their Birdville GAFE (Google Apps for Education) account. Google Forms recently launched quizzes in Google forms to help teachers quickly create, deliver, and grade assessments, providing improved feedback. Quzzes integrates easily into Google Classroom. Reporting features include visual representations.

Google Forms in Action: GATE students at Holiday Heights and Major Cheney created a Google form using their Birdville GAFE (Google Apps for Education Account) to gather peer feedback and view perspectives related to a class research project. 

Digital Learning Platform: Google Forms provides an interactive feedback structure and can be used to facilitate authentic tasks and products.

Friday, September 16, 2016

WMS Science Students Create Projects in Google Slides

Watauga Middle School 6th grade science teacher Shelby Welborn guides students as they create projects in Google Slides over chosen elements from the Periodic Table. The students enjoy how easy it is to embed images with texts on the slides to make a very visual and informative product.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Flipping the Classroom via EDpuzzle

EDpuzzle is an interactive platform in which teachers create interactive video assessments pulling from YouTube, Khan Academy, National Geographic, etc. Teachers can create custom integrated assessments for videos they assign to students. Educators can add voice-overs to video content, comments, and quizzes to existing online videos.

EDpuzzel is Action:  Ryan Pabor, a 6th grade math teacher at North Ridge Middle School, uses EDpuzzel to flip math content and provide video support outside of class. Students and parents find video support helpful, especially during test reviews.

Digital Learning Platform: EDpuzzel provides an interactive video platform, providing a best practice and structure to facilitate flipped learning.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

TodaysMeet Providing Conversations in the Cloud

TodaysMeet is a backchannel used to share ideas and brainstorm. Teachers use TodaysMeet to check for understanding. Students post in a discussion feed similar to Twitter, summarizing a 140 character response. Transcripts and teacher moderation tools are available.  Students can use their personal devices or classroom technology to participate in TodaysMeet. 

TodaysMeet in Action: Gina Bergman, a  teacher at North Richland Middle School. uses TodaysMeet with students as a collaboration tool during research. 

Digital Learning Platform: TodaysMeet provides an interactive feedback structure to students.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mysimpleshow: Video Production in the Cloud

Mysimpleshow is a free web based video creation application in which users create simple and professional videos in the cloud. Mysimpleshow provides users with tools to assist with pre-production, production, and post-production processes. The web based application includes a scripting feature, illustration and narration features, and users can export as a MP4 file or publish completed projects to a YouTube channel. 

Mysimpleshow in Action: Students create book review trailers using Mysimpleshow about a favorite book read during the school year. Book reviews include the title, author, a brief summary of the book, and two specific reasons why they liked the book to explain why someone else should consider reading the book. 

Digital Learning Platform: Mysimpleshow is an interactive application used to produce authentic tasks and products.