Monday, April 18, 2016

Reaching Students through Blogging

Haltom High School English I teacher Mike Wilson has recently jumped into blogging with Blogger. When asked about his opinion of Blogger in the classroom Mike said, "I've been trying to do more and more to support my learners needs with technology and it's been really paying off lately. Recently I have been using Blogger. Each day, I post the instructions, expectations, and the ways they'll be evaluated. I also add other helpful links, videos, etc... This originally was to help learners that missed class or couldn't remember what we had done that day, but then it occurred to me that all of them would probably want to know what was going to happen before class each day. After I post the daily agenda, I send the students a link to the blog in Remind. They now come in knowing the basics of what we're doing, so class can start immediately. It adds more learning time and reduces lecture time in class!"

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