Thursday, April 7, 2016

NRMS teachers try out Google Classroom

#bisddlp #bisdshines NRMS teachers Gina Bergman & Frances Hudson are using the last 6 weeks to try out Google Classroom and additional new concepts for next year. They are working together with their 7th grade writing students to deliver new and innovative instruction. This week they asked students to do some creative writing to explain a concept. Students had to also create visual representations of their writing. Classmates worked in pairs, through Google Docs, for real-time collaboration. Then they were asked to choose from a variety of tools to create info graphics. Prior to final submission, the classes had to share their work with other classmates for peer review. This could be done through Google Drive or Google Classroom. When complete, the teams are to submit their assignments to their teachers via Google Classroom.

This was the first time these middle school students truly experienced Google Classroom. It was a learning experience for all. Essential to the success of the project was the collaboration between teachers, students and their librarian Julie Pursley. Gina and Frances prepared the lessons and made sure students had plenty of time to complete their work in class, at home or in the library. Julie made sure students understood the mechanics of using the Google tools and her teachers felt supported in their efforts. On Wednesday when the students were working in the library lab, it was evident there was a lot of learning, ownership and student choice going on. Gina Bergman commented on how engaged her students were with the process.

With excellent planning, students had freedom to make a variety of choices related to their projects. Neither teacher had to be experts using the project software offered. They allowed students to learn on their own and created an environment where failure became a challenge to a solution. Comprehensive rubrics allowed for objective evaluation and students felt true ownership over their work.

Gina, Frances & Julie worked hard to embrace a new process. As a result students excelled with confidence. Their work one reason BISD Shines!

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