Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kahoot - Feedback Based on Student Performance

Adam Hogg and Christy Upton were introduced to Kahoot by Julie Hyman, Secondary Social Studies Coordinator and Michael Hanson, Digital Learning Specialist. These teachers immediately started thinking of ways to incorporate this into their lessons. Kahoot is a game-based interactive formative assessment tool that can be used by individual students or small groups. Students use their own electronic devices, or school-owned devices, to answer teacher-made questions with results displayed. Students have fun while learning because they receive immediate feedback and can track their progress toward learning goals.

Kahoot is a great tool for teachers to monitor students' understanding of key concepts in real-time. Data can be downloaded after each class period to gauge students' overall progress. The ability to immediately collect data digitally, allows teachers to close gaps in student learning and re-teach on the spot, as needed. PLC teams review and compare student data to make decisions regarding knowledge and understanding of the standards.
To remind students to bring their own devices, Christy and Adam use Remind.com to send text message reminders the day before class.
For more information about using Kahoot and other online formative assessment tools visit the Digital Learning Platform website at http://bisddlp.weebly.com/student-feedback.html.

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