Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Plickers - Digital Formative Assessment Without Student Devices

If you are looking for a great and fun way to check for understanding/gather feedback with your students, try Plickers (www.plickers.com). The program works with your computer and an iPad, iPhone, or Android app. Students show their answer to teacher-created questions by holding up their Plicker card. The teacher scans the room with the ipad/iphone and the results show up "live" via the projector.

Kathy Grupe, Library Media Specialist at Academy at West Birdville, used Plickers with all of the 5th grade classes last week in the library reviewing idioms and figurative language. "The questions are so easy to set up and kids love seeing the results instantaneously on the screen - seeing if they got it correct or not," said Mrs. Grupe. She continued, "I just stood in one place in the front of the room and used my new iPad mini (from the Project Innovate training) and scanned 25 cards in a few seconds." What an innovative way to use technology to show student mastery of concepts.

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