Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Gamification has become a hot topic in education in the past few years. Utilizing games as educational aids has been proven to boost academic performance and engagement in the classroom. Now, there are even ways to turn the whole learning experience into a game that motivates students and serves as a behavior management tool. Classdojo and are two excellent examples of online interfaces that allow teachers to "gamify" the classroom.

For a real immersive experience, however, Classcraft sets the bar. The website allows the teacher to turn the classroom into a game where students gain XP (experience points) and are able to "level up" through good behavior and lose HP (health points) when they make bad choices. Check it out the video below! 

It's a truly innovative idea and a fantastic supplement to classroom management. My students absolutely love it and cannot wait to see the update on their experience points every day.

Hernan Oropeza
4th grade bilingual teacher
Academy at West Birdville

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