Monday, October 26, 2015

Connecting via VoiceThread

VoiceThread is "an online tool that promotes a supportive instructor-student relationship by presenting reflective response tools to encourage collaboration. VoiceThread serves as a vehicle to encourage students to respond to topics through the use of a computer, tablet, cell phone, or webcam. Connecting the learner to the instructor provides motivation, feedback, and dialogue. With the content, the learner obtains intellectual information; and through peer interaction students exchange ideas" (Kilgore, Mangrum, & Miller, 2014).

VoiceThread in ACTION: Students use VoiceThread to reflect on learning experiences from a recent visit to the Perot Museum in Dallas, Texas. Images from exhibits were posted by the STEAM camp instructor. After the field trip, students build a collaborative thread to share reflections with a wider audience. The learning activity employed the ARCS instructional design model to provide Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction.

Digital Learning Platform: VoiceThread provides a student centered  and interactive platform in which learners share authentic tasks and products using advanced publishing features.

Exploring Voicethread Using ARCS Instructional Design Approaches. W Kilgore, L Mangrum, J Miller. Journal of Media Education 5 (1), 16-22, 2014. 

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