Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Digital Citizenship at West Birdville Elementary

Collaboration between the school librarian and classroom teachers is not just something that is “nice to have,” IT IS ESSENTIAL.
Studies show that students who have a full-time librarian who collaborates and co-teaches with classroom teachers will have higher literacy levels and perform better on Standardized tests like the STAAR.

Many BISD librarians collaborate with classroom teachers to design lessons and gather resources that support the TEKS students are learning in the classroom. 

One such librarian is Kathy Grupe at West Birdville Elementary.  Kathy and 5th grade teachers collaborated to design a literacy lesson that incorporated Digital Citizenship.  Students brainstormed answers to the question “What does Digital Citizenship mean to you?”  Using the new library laptops provided by the 2014 bond, students posted their responses on Padlet and then had deep and meaningful discussions. Click on the links below to see these bilingual students’ ideas.

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