Monday, October 19, 2015

Google Classroom at BHS

Emily Shipman is using Google Classroom to deliver all of her electives courses to students at BHS. Emily was one of the first teachers who approached me about using Google Classroom, even before school started. 

I went to visit Emily for an update now that we are eight weeks into the school year, & see how things were going. She likes that all of her assignments and student work is in one location. She has been able to have students collaborate in real time and she loves how easy it is to prepare for a sub! Now that her students know all of there assignments will be in Google, she can upload work from home and students can continue as if she hadn't left. 

The first couple of times students got in to their online class, was a bit challenging but it really didn't take long for them to figure it out.

Some of her students commented on how much they enjoyed the convenience and the automatic reminders for work due. Some wished more teachers would use Google Classroom.

Way to be 21st century learners Mrs. Shipman and students!

posted by Rashel Larson, Digital Learning Specialist

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