Monday, October 19, 2015

Google in the ELA Classroom

Fifth grade students at Birdville Elementary are using Google Apps for Education in a variety of ways. Students in Lindsay Griffis Language Arts/ Reading class are using Google Docs in their reading and writing assignments.
In Writing, she likes to make comments on their writing pieces so they can revise and edit immediately. Lindsay can do this while in the lab, or at home without taking any papers with her.

In Reading, students work in groups of 3 to discuss posts about their reading homework, and collectively post a response using text evidence. She is able to monitor their responses and quickly respond back with either a comment or a grade. At the end of the week she can download those grades and put them in Skyward.
All of the teachers in fifth grade are using Google Drive for data folders. Students have a shared folder in their account where they enter grades on major assignments and track their progress on a bar chart/line graph combo, comparing their grades to class averages.

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