Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Padlet and Twitter @ Green Valley

Janae Poulton and one of her teammates were wanting to find new ways for their students to share ideas and get feedback.  The teachers contacted their campus Digital Learning Specialist for help.  While many resources were kicked around, Poulton began to focus in on Padlet and Twitter.  Padlet is an electronic bulletin board where students can post ideas or share answers back to questions.  Poulton created a Padlet during Digital Citizenship week for kids to post ideas about being a good digital citizen.  She also used Padlet to collect student responses after studying European Explorers.  Check out student responses using the links below.

Next for Mrs. Poulton and her 4th graders is a class Twitter account.  They use Twitter to display work they are doing in class and to post ideas and share opinions.  Parents and visitors can respond to the post and provide feedback.   Follow #gatorlearning or visit them on Twitter to see what new things they are learning.   https://twitter.com/poulton_mrs 

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