Thursday, November 19, 2015

7th Grade NRMS Falcons benefit from a creative Science teacher

At North Richland Middle School you will find a 7th grade science teacher who is keeping students engaged because she’s always trying new things. I went to Mrs. Sanchez’s class to watch her students respond, for the first time to review questions using Plickers. While I was waiting outside, I noticed the life size posters of Body Systems. They caught my attention because they were three dimensional and some of them were interactive with “organ flaps” that revealed additional information. Once in the room, I couldn’t help but notice a very large stack of cereal boxes in the corner. Mrs. Sanchez explained they were student projects and the kids had to take a body system and make a cereal for it. The boxes were so creative and well thought out. She also told me that only four students didn’t turn one in. While I perused the pile of cereal box projects, Mrs. Sanchez explained the system for using the Plicker cards to her class. Normally, when a teacher introduces a new system or process there can be some confusion or resistance from students. Mrs. Sanchez’s students took right to using Plickers for the first time. The unit review helped her to quickly see what areas needed re-teaching and applaud the class for concepts they had down solid. At the end of class as we were discussing the Plickers session, Mrs. Sanchez told me that for the last three years her goal is to try something new in her class every six weeks.  So enjoy the 3D Body posters now because next year they might be replaced with a new project. No wonder her students adapted so well to Plickers. If you are in Mrs. Sanchez’s class you can expect change and you can expect learning to be fun because they have a fearlessly creative teacher! You are an awesome asset to the staff and students at North Richland Hills Middle School Mrs. Sanchez!!! Thank you for inviting me into your class.

Rashel Larson
Digital Learning Specialist
Birdville ISD

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