Sunday, November 8, 2015

Spicer studens using "Show Me" app for interactive word walls

Chad Morrissey, third grade math and science teacher, used a new app this week called "Show Me" to provide deeper meaning and understanding of academic vocabulary. The app is a digital whiteboard that also records your voice. The students' goal was to take one of their current vocabulary words and retell in their own words what the definition was. They also had to draw a presentation to go along with the voice recording. Their finished products were then shared with the class and will eventually make their way to the class You Tube Channel with the link being shared in Class Dojo. This activity provided a deep and rich experience that easily showed strong understandings and misconceptions. The GT students really took a liking to this app, but some of the students who struggle the most shined brightly during this activity!!

In conjunction with the physical word wall in class that shows Frayer Models of each word, the Show Me videos can be linked to a QR code that then can be placed next to the hard copies in class. There is also possibilities to share with other classes on campus by displaying these QR codes out in the hallway for all to use.

The possibilities are endless with this app and another app called Explain Everything (basically the same but unlimited space, it's not free though). From interactive words walls, to station work, to flipped classrooms, and so much more, these apps create an easy, self driven, and creative platform for high rigor activities.

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