Monday, November 16, 2015

The Amplified Classroom at West Birdville

West Birdville teacher Modesta Juarez was interested in helping students in her class hear better during the day. Her room is a bit larger than most classrooms and discussions levels can be a bit loud.  She and another teacher partnered to write a grant for the ‘Amplified Classroom.’  The grant was approved, and the pair of teachers recently received their equipment.  Equipment included an 800 watt speaker on a stand, several wireless microphones that can be used around the room, and a sound mixer board.  Her room is set up in groups, and each group is assigned a microphone.  She also had a microphone and uses it as she does her focused lessons.  Students use the microphones in their group to answer questions or participate in class discussions.  Great use of sound equipment that ensures all students the opportunity to hear what is going on in class!

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