Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Class DOJO: Spicer Elementary

Spicer Elementary implemented Class DOJO as part of our campus improvement plan. All teachers received training before school started in September and the results are Ah-Mazing!

Teachers and Parents alike have welcomed the new communication and behavior monitoring tool and our stats are boasting with DOJO pride! With the introduction of Class Story, teachers can share intimate photos and captions of what’s going on in their child’s classroom and what’s happening at school!

Class DOJO is a great tech-y addition to our teacher tool belts and we’re building stronger relationships with our students’ families by giving them an insta-view of their child’s daily school life.

As Spicer’s Class DOJO mentor, I’d like to share this update on how our school is using Class DOJO.

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  1. Teachers around the district are discovering the awesomeness of Dojo. Thanks for sharing your story!