Monday, December 14, 2015

Coding: Student Voice and Choice in Action

One North Ridge Middle School student took a less traditional route when it came to mastering his Spanish vocabulary. Ben, from Mrs. Massey-Davis's Spanish I class was given a voice and a choice on how he would show mastery of the content. He decided to put his strong coding skills to work and created an interactive video game where the user can defeat the computer, if they know their Spanish I vocabulary. "Rather than showing mastery of the content with a traditional book, paper, and pencil the students created something.  They chose a tool to create with, and decided the amount of time necessary to complete the project. Students were given a voice about how we should grade their final products and they helped design the rubric.  They are showing competency and mastering the required elements of basic Spanish." ~Robin Massey-Davis. When asked what he thought about Mrs. Davis' approach to learning, Ben said, "I liked how she let us go out of the box and allowed us to choose what we wanted to do." #middleschool #spanishI #coding #videogame #northridgemiddleschool #theridge #bisddlp #voiceandchoice # studentcentered

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