Monday, December 7, 2015

Digital Learning Homebound Students

Dedicated teacher Joni Lawrence works with students who are currently in the BISD Homebound program.  Pictured with Ms. Lawrence are two of her students, Taz and Nicola.   Taz, a sophomore at Birdville High School, is shown using the CompassLearning Program.  He enjoys the ability to rewatch his videos and work at a pace that allows him to meet his clinic appointments. 

Also pictured with Ms. Lawrence is Nicola, an ACESS student at Richland Middle school with Vicki Gales.  Nicola enjoys the Ipad Mini, as her limited hand manipulation allows her to 'touch and go' with the device.  Nicola loves music videos and reading. 

A note from Ms. Lawrence --
I want to express my gratitude and excitement for the Digital Learning program as it has changed the availability of online instruction through the CompassLearning program, alleviating the necessity to run  back and forth to teachers for assignments. It allows the student to work at their own pace around their schedule of health issues.  It provides the whole realm of internet and information available for the student at any age or academic level. To have access to apps and videos for the elementary and special needs group is so helpful and educational.   I am grateful for Kelli Montgomery and the Digital Learning Department, as they do everything possible to provide appropriate digital  equipment and programs for the Homebound community. 

I personally appreciate Karen Teeters for her expertise in digital equipment and programs.  I can bring a problem to Karen and she is always right there to help find a solution.  And we always find one.  Her humor and compassion for the Homebound program is evident and appreciated.  I also use Google drive to organize all students schedules, reports, and information.  As I am 'on the road' from house to house I am able to access all necessary information from anywhere and any device.  It works as a mobile office!!!


  1. Ms.Lawrence is such a dedicated teacher and loves all her students! I am so glad that we were honored to have had her as our sons teacher. Branden Davis loved Misses Joni (as he called her) so much!