Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ft. Worth Star Telegram visits SMS Makerspace

Smithfield Middle School Librarian, Beth Muirheid has done a fabulous job running and promoting the Makerspace program at her school. So much so, that the Fort Worth Star Telegram took notice. Today a reporter from the paper came out to SMS to see what all of the buzz is about. During the reporter’s visit, Beth explained the Makerspace concept along with her vision of the program’s future growth at Smithfield. The Star Telegram reporter had a chance to visit with students and see what kinds of projects they were building. She had such a great time, she is going to come back to visit with more students and experience Makerspace firsthand.

The success of Smithfield’s Makerspace program is primarily a result of Beth’s tireless commitment to her students. She creates a safe environment where students can create, collaborate, problem solve and have fun learning. It’s not uncommon to see Beth take items home for repair. She spends hours of her personal time fixing sewing machines, 3D pens and other items. Beth received a grant last year to help her purchase the items for the SMS Makerspace but frequently, she purchases tools or supplies with her own money so students will have all the equipment they need.  Smithfield Middle School is lucky to have this wonderful lady serve as their librarian!

Details about the Star Telegram story will be shared soon.

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