Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ChatterPix Kids - 1st Graders Showing Evidence of Their Learning

Over the past couple of weeks my students have been using ChatterPix Kids to show me evidence of their learning. We started by doing ChatterPix Kids over Martin Luther King. They took a picture of his face and then told me all the facts they have learned over the past week. We then looked at a couple of examples together and discussed how we should use ChatterPix Kids in the future. This week we have been learning about different techniques used in media. My kids looked at different samples of media and told me what they observed, the purpose of the media, and if they liked it or did not like it. They then took a picture of media I had in stations and created a ChatterPix that gave details about the media.
My students love using ChatterPix Kids, and I am excited to continue using it in the future.

Carly Howerton
1st Grade Teacher

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