Monday, January 4, 2016

Learning about Mozart using QR Code Readers and Devices

Welcome back to school! The week after Christmas break I needed something new, different, quick, engaging, etc. to start the new year. Also, we study musicians and celebrate their birthdays at the beginning of each month. In January we celebrate Mozart – everyone needs to know a little about Mozart, so this is what we did today. I have never tried this before and it worked pretty well!

My classes are so large and move so quickly, and since I only see my students one time per week I needed to organize the materials so as to not waste any time. Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 used QR codes to find information about Mozart from different websites and videos. I have 5 different sheets, and I made QR code packets so that everyone wasn’t working on the same thing at the same time (sheets are color-coded). I have never done this before so I wasn’t sure about the time needed, and each class only got through about 3 of the sheets so we will continue another day. At the end we played a Kahoot Mozart Quiz (which we will also do another day, after the packets are finished).

For first/second graders – they used the QR reader to watch a video and then used music vocabulary to answer questions about the music and tell their partner (no writing required for this activity – they used laminated cards with the questions and vocabulary about which to talk to their partner).

I was so excited about how well this worked today and how my students were engaged the first day back after break! We will see how it goes as the week goes on, but I wanted to share!

Elizabeth Shier, M. Ed.
Music Teacher, Academy At CF Thomas

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