Friday, January 22, 2016

Technology and The Arts Merge Together

Recently, I got a little behind the scenes tour of Birdville High School’s latest production, Narnia The Musical. Technical Theatre teacher Michael Klefeker was excited to demonstrate some of the different ways his students are bringing technology to the Arts. For example, his students are able to create the illusion of clouds or treetops using the same prop. This is made possible because of the digital lighting programs the students have built for the show. In an effort to immerse the audience into the land of Narnia there will be 180 degrees of projected images on the auditorium walls and above the stage. This was no small feat given Mr. Klefeker had to borrow three projectors and convince the makers of the projection software, to provide their product at a discounted price for the run of the show. So with borrowed equipment and on borrowed time to learn the software, the BHS Technical Theatre students and their teacher will be working hard to ensure the “technical” presentation of Narnia will be one you won’t forget.  


Rashel Larson

Digital Learning Specialist







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