Monday, January 25, 2016

The Paperless Student Journal

One BISD teacher has all but done away with traditional spiral journals and replaced them with Google Docs. Brandi Anzaldua, a 6th grade English teacher at North Ridge Middle School, decided to lead the charge and embrace blended learning by creating a Google Classroom for each of her class periods. Her first assignment, getting rid of the spiral journal. This was achieved by allowing students to have a choice about how they journaled. They could keep the tradition spiral journal or go digital. All but a few selected Google Docs. "It has freed up space that was previously taken up by notebooks, I don't have to carry them all home and the start of class is smoother. The students are no longer huddled around each other trying to get their journals." -Brandi Anzaldua. When a group of students were asked about the switch to a digital journal, they perked up a bit and responded with, "I love it." "It's much easier." "I can write from my phone now." #bisddlp #bisdgps #googleclassroom #gafe #northridgemiddle #ela

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