Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Using Video to Show What We Know

Students in my fifth grade classes are preparing to visit the Bass Hall to see the Fort Worth Symphony this week. Today they discussed appropriate Audience Etiquette at different events, including a formal concert (TEKS 5.6A in music). Students then had the opportunity to create a video using the iPad to explain why audience etiquette is important for both the performer and for those around you, and anything else they wanted to share about audience etiquette.

Second graders are working on creating melodic phrases using known notes, and reading notes from the staff (TEKS 2.2B, 2.4B in music). Today they created, read, and played 3-note patterns and then recorded their work using the iPads. They did great job! #thanksBISD! #bisddlp

Elizabeth Shier, M. Ed.
Music Teacher...Girls On the Run Coach

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