Monday, February 22, 2016

Blended Learning Leaders Emerging

In every new movement there are trailblazers that emerge. Haltom High School's Sheryl Stewart is on her way to be just that. In her 18th year in the classroom Sheryl has decided to take a shot at something new by offering her students access to an online learning environment. Sheryl decided to go with Google Classroom since it is part of Google Apps for Education. Seeing that there was a need for specific materials Ms. Stewart did what a good teacher does and created the necessary documents to ensure success for her students and peers. "Sheryl made numerous step by step documents for each step of our research project. These handouts are digital as well as paper. Every student has access to these documents in Google classroom. Our grade level is better because of her focused attention to detail." Said fellow ELA teacher Becky Church. When asked what her thoughts were about implementing an online learning system, Ms. Stewart said,
"More students are having greater success with the very difficult task of research. I believe it is the accessibility of all of the instructional materials I have posted in Google Classroom. This year's poetry research process is moving smoothly and at a quicker pace than years past." #howtohaltom #ela #english #bisddlp #gafe

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