Monday, February 22, 2016

Evaluating Sources via instaGrok

The instaGrok interactive search engine populates video, images, articles, and terms based on a user's query. Educators are using instaGrok to improve research skill sets. The instaGrok search engine affords users an improved ability to evaluate sources and assess understanding on specific research topics. Students can access instaGrok from any device for free and a free 90 day trial is available to all educators.

instaGrok in Action: Students use an interactive research system to research the circulatory system, accessing a visual concept map. Students quickly have access to quality key facts, reliable websites, video, images, and concepts. Students evaluate their search results and understanding using the interactive quiz feature available within the platform.

Digital Learning Platform: The instaGrok application is an interactive search engine in which students improve cognitive processing and receive quality feedback.

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