Monday, February 8, 2016

Mystery Skype!

This week in 4th grade math/science classes we Skyped different locations all around the world and learned about their weather, climate, time zone, and seasons! Scholars had to guess where they think that person is and discovered how to count time zones forward or backward based on the time in that person’s location and also were able to figure out if the person was in the southern or northern hemisphere because they told us if they are experiencing summer or winter. After scholars narrowed down a general area, they were allowed to ask yes/no questions such as, “Do you live in Asia? Are you near a body of water? Do you live on an island? Does your country border this country?”

We Skyped Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Netherlands, Wisconsin, California, and United Arab Emirates. All of these people were either relatives of our scholars or teachers at Green Valley or people we knew. The lesson was engaging and a great experience for our scholars. They were able to grasp some concepts that were difficult to teach using Earth, Sun, and Moon models.


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