Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Paperless Research Paper

It is poetry research paper time for Birdville ISD English III students. Haltom High Schools Becky Church has decided to make this year's research papers a paperless affair. "I am in love with Google Drive and Classroom. It is making things so much easier." said Mrs. Church. "I have to admit l, I spent a couple days over Christmas break trying to figure out how I could get out of the commitment I made earlier in the year. Eventually, I just told myself that it would be ok and that I could do this." She went on to say "I'm a believer in Google and you can contact me anytime if you want me to talk to anyone that is reluctant to make the jump." #bisddlp #bisdgps #haltomhighschool #buffnation #ela #english #highschool #gafe #google #poetry #research

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  1. That is an amazing testimonial! Would love to hear the students' thoughts about using Google!