Tuesday, February 16, 2016

QR Code Kaboom Game for practicing Letter Names of the Treble Clef

One of the music TEKS for elementary students is to read standard notation.  My students learn the letter names of the treble clef starting in 3rd grade.  Today they worked in different stations to practice this skill.  One of the stations was a game called Kaboom – each stick has a QR code attached.  Students scanned the code and if it was a note on the staff, they had to identify the note by its letter name. If it was a “funny cat video” they got Kaboom-ed, and all their sticks had to go back in the jar!  This was a fun way to practice their treble clef letter names using our classroom iPads!  #bisddlp #thanksBISD!

Elizabeth Shier, ACFT Music Teacher

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