Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quality Digital Resources via PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media offers educators access to more than 100,000 resources nationwide. Resources are available in English and Spanish, with content targeting all content areas to include videos, virtual events, maps and primary source documents.

PBS Learning Media in Action: Classrooms studying the upcoming presidential election  access videos to learn more about the election process, utilize interactive election maps to generate predictions, and attend virtual field trips to explore our Nation's capital. Students can compete in the Meet in DC election poster contest. Selected winners receive a trip to DC to see Congress in session, tour the White House, and visit the set of PBS NewsHour.

Digital Learning Platform: PBS Learning Media is accessible from any device,  providing students access to free quality interactive resources. PBS Learning Media is a best structure to providing interactive content to improve cognitive processing.

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  1. Love PBS Learning! Look for PBS Learning links within Unit Overviews for connections to your elementary science content.