Thursday, March 3, 2016

Digital Tools in the ESOL Classroom

Haltom High School's English for Speakers of Other Languages teacher Amber Cofield uses digital tools on a regular basis in her classes. When Amber was asked why she decided to incorporate technology with her students, she replied,"To help my students feel more at ease with assessments and to give them almost instant feedback. We frequently use Google Classroom and Flubaroo for quizzes over the Word within a Word terms. The quiz is created in Google forms and assigned to the students within each class. By using their g.birdville accounts, Flubaroo can email their scores, their responses, and which questions they did or did not get right based on the choices I pick prior to emailing the students. Further, they often practice for the quiz on Thursday using Kahoot. And the best part, it is all linked to my district website and Google Classroom allowing the kids to access anywhere in case of absences and other extenuating circumstances."
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