Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Learning to teach Educational Technology

BCTAL Education and Training students are working on a very important educational technology project. These BISD students have spent the year learning to become educators from their district mentor teachers.
Their most current assignment involves:  

  1.  Learn to use a piece of technology on their own  (hardware, software, website, app)
  2. Teach their peers how to use the device or software
  3. Teach a lesson that integrates the technology tool in a real classroom
  4. Provide additional examples of curriculum integration
This awesome lesson was created by Susan Stevens and Karen Kallas to ensure their students would be forward thinking educators. It was an honor to be asked to assist these high school students with ideas for  integration. Basically, I was helping students learn to execute my own job duties. It became abundantly apparent that I better stay on my toes because if Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Kallas keep this up, I could have some serious employment competition!

These BCTAL teachers are always thinking towards the future in the preparation of their students. They are such a great asset to BISD! #bisddlp #wearebirdvilleisd

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