Monday, March 21, 2016

Quizizz: A Multiplayer Quiz Game

Quizizz is a free application that allows students to participate or host quiz games. Quizizz is accessible from any device and serves as a great application to assist with formative assessment. Educators can create their own activities or utilize activities already created by other educators. Quizizz does not require a username or password. Unlike Kahoot which displays a multiple choice question on a large screen to the entire class, Quizizz displays multiple choice questions randomly displayed on a participant's individual device. Questions are player-paced and educators have access to real time results.

Quizizz in Action: Students engage in gaming via quizizz activities as a component in a technology workstation to review academic vocabulary.

Digital Learning Platform: Quizizz is an interactive application that engages students and individualizes learning experiences, improving cognitive processing.

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