Monday, March 28, 2016

STEM Resources via CK-12 Flexbook

CK-12 FlexBook is a free online platform providing quality curated STEM content for K-12 students and teachers. CK-12 includes a library with over 5000 math and science resources to include free textbook materials that are accessible from any device. Educators are using CK-12 as a platform to participate within a collaborative learning community. Students, teachers, and authors create, access, share, rate, recommend, and publish quality content. Content is searchable via Texas state standards.

CK-12 in Action: Students learning about the life cycle of butterflies capture still images of butterflies native to their area. Afterwards, students add images to a customized FlexBook using textbook resources located in CK-12 Flexbook. Students publish and present their customized e-book to a larger community.

Digital Learning Platform: CK-12 FlexBook provides quality resources in which students and educators curate and publish authentic content that is shared with a larger community.

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