Friday, April 1, 2016

A Short Time Ago in a Classroom Not So Far Away...

Students in third grade at ACFT have been studying the solar system in science.  They made wonderful models in their homeroom classes, and are taking a field trip soon to the planetarium.  To connect their learning in science to their music TEKS (3.1B – identifying and classifying musical sounds including instruments; 3.6E – describing music using specific music vocabulary; and 3.5C – identifying relationships between music and interdisciplinary concepts), students worked on a “Planets” project in music class using the composition called “The Planets” by Gustav Holst.

After a review of the solar system and an introduction to the composer Gustav Holst, partners chose one piece from Holst’s suite The Planets. Partners listened to the music using QR codes and iPads, then described the music using specific music vocabulary including tempo, dynamics; and explained the musical sounds that they heard in the selection.  They carried this one step further by describing the mood of the music, how the music made them feel or think, and illustrated their thoughts. Students used high level thinking skills to explain their thoughts on why they made their choices. Students analyzed the information by determining the tempo and dynamics. They evaluated the music by making judgements in determining how it made them think or feel, and created an illustration to match their ideas.

Exemplary student work was chosen based on a rubric for the very first music class Standards-Based Bulletin Board. Students chosen for the SBBB then made a video explaining their choices and how the music made them think or feel, and a QR code was created for the observer to go to the video. 

Students had a lot of fun learning their music TEKS with our technology, and made connections to their learning in science, as well. Many students were super motivated to do their very best work to “make the SBBB.”  I am looking forward to sharing pictures of our first Music Class Standards-Based Bulletin Board when it is complete!

Elizabeth Shier, M. Ed.
Music Teacher...Girls On the Run Coach


  1. Loving the connection between music and science! Thanks for bringing a new view to student learning!

  2. Loving the connection between music and science! Thanks for bringing a new view to student learning!