Monday, April 4, 2016

Tier 1 Priorities & the Workshop Model

Falcon Focus: Tier 1 Priorities
From NRMS Academic Coach Mary Terry’s Blog

Workshop Model is an instructional area of focus in almost all of the core content areas.  This week after rocking the STAAR test, 8th grade students in ELAR classes engaged in a workshop lesson over parts of speech.
The workshop model consists of 3 main components: the mini-lesson, student work time, and a debrief.
Mini-lesson - First the 8th Grade ELAR teachers used a Prezi to review basic parts of speech with students.  (Want to see the Prezi?  Click below.)

Student Work Time - After the mini-lesson, students then participated in different sentence analysis activities, manipulating sentence strips with various words and phrases.

Debrief - To close, students were asked a debrief question, which had also served as the essential question to get the activity started.

So why sentence structure immediately after STAAR?  The timing of the content was intentionally planned.  Next week, students will be starting research projects, and the first step is to develop a thoughtful, well-crafted, and structurally correct thesis statement.

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