Thursday, May 5, 2016

Music Students at West Birdville See Everyone's Work

In Kelsey Jerger’s Music class students are now able to see the learning taking place all around the room.  Jerger is using her Project Innovate iPad and Reflector as a mobile ‘doc cam’ to show work where it is happening…on the floor, in the corners of the rooms, etc.  Before, students would be asked to bring their work to the document camera in the front of the room.  But when work includes multiple materials that could get messed up when moved, the iPad and Reflector seemed like a great way to ‘see’ learning anytime/anyplace.  Great job Kelsey!  Click here for more from Kelsey. 


  1. LOVE THIS! Thank you for the great idea, Kelsey! I'm doing it tomorrow!

  2. I can see so many applications for this in science - thanks for sharing this, Kelsey!

  3. Great idea for showcasing student work to the rest of the class as it is happening! Easy applications for the choral classroom!