Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Recently Tiffany Meinke finished an 8 week series of technology trainings provided by her DLS at NRMS. One of the last sessions covered was workstations/station rotation. Inspired by the session Mrs. Meinke decided to try workstations with her 7th grade ELAR students. Although the process was new to both the teacher and students, here’s what she had to say about the experience. “The workstations were awesome! It was a bit of prep, but even that was fun & the kids loved them. I'm going to tweak some stuff and start them earlier next year... trying for at least one a six-weeks. Thanks again for your help and ideas!” By the looks of these pictures, I would say her students enjoyed the new process. Way to be bold Mrs. Meinke!!


  1. The students loved the choice and opportunity to work at their own pace. Great stuff!

  2. I've used work stations in first grade, but I am excited to see how I can use them in a 5th grade math class!