Monday, August 29, 2016

Google Drive: Storage and Creation In The Cloud

Google Drive is an online storage application in which BISD teachers and students can store and share documents, images, and videos in the cloud using their BISD GAFE (Google Apps for Education) account accessible from any device. Drive is also an application in which teachers and students use to create files using the following Google Apps.

  • ·         Google Docs is a word processing tool similar to Microsoft Word.
  • ·         Google Slides is a presentation tool similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • ·         Google Sheets is a spreadsheet tool similar to Microsoft Excel.
  • ·         Google Forms is a survey creation tool similar to SurveyMonkey.

Google Drive in Action: Coach Charles Davis from Haltom High School is using Google Drive with students to provide access to classroom assignments and files. Advantages include that students have access to classroom content anytime, anywhere. Coach Davis reports that this ability provides students extra class time to complete assignments. 

Digital Learning Platform: Google Drive is a best practice and structure in which teachers and students can organize, share, collaborate, and create files, images, and media.

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