Monday, September 12, 2016

Watauga First Graders Learn to Login!

I panicked when I was told that my 1st graders were going to have to log on to the laptop/computer every time they rotated through that station.  I decided to set aside 20 minutes one afternoon to just give them practice time with a partner.  They had their login cards, I showed them how to make a capital letter, and I marked the Control, Alt & Delete button with little green, yellow, and red paw print stickers to remind them.  Each student was able to successfully log on with minimal help from me, and if there was time leftover they tried it again.  I submitted a help ticket so the IT department could put my personal symbaloo onto each of my laptops.  This way, my students still have access to all of the sites they would need for stations.  It will take practice for this process to be flawless, but I know they will be able to do it eventually!

Laura Bean
Watauga Elementary
First Grade

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  1. Thank you Ms. Bean! I always learn something from you!!