Monday, October 3, 2016

Flipped Learning via Screencast'o'matic

Screencast'o'matic is an application used to create video recordings using a PC, iPad, or mobile device. Educators are using screencast'o'matic to flip their classroom. After creating an account, users can record a 15 minute video for free, publish directly to YouTube or export a video file. Premium accounts do allow for longer recordings, editing tools, scripting, and publishing to Google drive.

Screencast'o'matic in Action:  Curriculum coordinators are recording curriculum previews using Screencast'o'matic and publishing video content to YouTube. Teachers can now login to a Canvas platform to view curriculum preview YouTube videos anytime and on any device.

Digital Learning Platform: Screencast'o'matic is an interactive application in which students and teachers engage to create authentic tasks and products.

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  1. I would love to try and set up some flipped lessons in kindergarten. This would be a lot of fun for the students!