Thursday, November 3, 2016

21st Century Teacher Challenge

Thirty three teachers from BCTAL, SMS and NRMS are participating in Secondary Digital Learning Specialist, Rashel Larson's, 21st Century Teacher Challenge. The challenge is based on Carl Hooker’s 36 weeks of innovation in the classroom. Each month participants are presented 3 or 4 challenges. These challenges are things teachers can do within a classroom setting to further their digital learning skills. When they complete a challenge, they earn a badge that is correlated with the task and T-Tess domains.

How it works:

·       There are 30 challenges spread out over the 2016-2017 school year.

·       Participation is voluntary.

·       On the first of the month new challenges are shared with participants.

·       Teachers have to figure out how to complete each challenge on their own. If a participant is stumped they are encouraged to search the Web, YouTube, or partner with a student.

·       The challenges get progressively harder as teachers move from month to month.

·       Participants grow their digital skills through this process and in the end teachers will have a full toolbox of technology integration skills.

Last month five teachers successfully completed all 3 October challenges. From North Richland Middle School: Sherry Grossenbach, Gina Bergman and Tiffany Meinke and from Smithfield Middle School: Sara Harris and Kerri Rowe. Today teachers were presented with their October badges which they plan to post outside their classrooms. Participants are excited to show students their commitment to learning 21st century skills.

Come and join the fun! It's not too late to participate. If you signed up and didn’t get a chance to complete the October challenges, you can start participating in November. If this seems like something you would like to do, register here. There are three new challenges for November.  Come learn with us and explore new ways to engage your students.


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