Thursday, November 3, 2016

Elizabeth Pauley implements digital data folders

North Richland Middle School math teacher, Elizabeth Pauley implements digital data folders. Mrs. Pauley is committed to helping learn students to take ownership of their learning. In order to do so she created several documents to help students track their grades, monitor class progress & set goals.


Through Google Classroom she shared digital documents that students will complete each time they have an assessment. Based on a student’s assessment score, they will then be able to evaluate where they are in the learning cycle and conference with the teacher about a learning path to address any gaps in their learning. Student’s will then reflect on their progress in math and be able to share work that they feel demonstrates mastery of a concept.


Student reflections and samples of work are placed in a shared folder between the student and teacher. Mrs. Pauley had students create a digital data folder in their Google Drives and share it with her. This way teacher and student can always communicate. Mrs. Pauley also encouraged her students to share their digital data folders with parents so they may look to see how their child is progressing.


Mrs. Pauley’s students seemed excited to know they had a place to share their best work and be able to obtain teacher feedback in a confidential environment.





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