Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Google Forms Quiz Feature in Action - Watauga Elementary 5th Grade

Google Forms has revolutionized daily assessments in my classroom. Simply by providing students with a QR code, they take an assessment via an iPad. They scan the code, fill in a form that has the same questions as their go math assessment page, and submit their answers. They get automatic feedback on which problems were incorrect. They circle those problems in their book, exit the page, and now the iPad is available for the next person at their table as they finish. Students get to correct mistakes or can move on to their menu item. 

Students are especially motivated and accountability has greatly improved. Thanks to Google Forms, I am able to monitor, assess, grade, and give immediate feedback seamlessly. I don't usually incorporate technology unless it is a good use of time for me and the kids. The students LOVE it, and so do I!

Jenna Henderson
5th Grade, Math & Science
Watauga Elementary

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