Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Plickers for Formative Assessment at Green Valley

Ms. Rhodes’s second grade students attending Green Valley Elementary used the app Plickers to review scientific vocabulary related to Procedural Text, Force & Motion, and Magnetism at the beginning of a lesson and at the conclusion of a lesson following the 5E instructional model.

Engage: Student took a quick quiz using Plickers to identify prior academic vocabulary knowledge at the beginning of the lesson. Ms. Rhodes guided a discussion on interpretation visual data representations with students.

Explore: Students explored concepts related to magnets, force and motion, and procedural text.

Explain and Elaborate: Students created a board game in a group that incorporated force and motion and magnetism. Students wrote procedural text as part of this exercise. Students played games and provided peer review.

Evaluate: Students as a whole group interpreted visual data representation in the form of a bar chart in Plickers to measure their progress as a class.


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