Tuesday, December 6, 2016


mysimpleshow – empowering explanation

Your students can create great explainer style videos in 4 easy steps with MySimpleshow!

Step 1: Choose a template.
  • There are many templates to choose from.  
  • The "Introduce a Physical Law" template is great for having students create vocabulary videos.

Step 2: Write a script. 
  • Each template has various "chapters" for the script.  
  • Students write what the voice-over will be saying during the video.  
  • Each chapter includes some example text to use as inspiration.

Step 3: Choose visuals.
  • Mysimpleshow chooses visuals to represent the key words in each chapter of the script. 
  • Student can replace the chosen visuals easily to choose an image that better represents their key words.

Step 4: Add voice & captions.
  • Choose the built-in text-to-speech voices or record your own voice.
  • Turn on captions so the text of the script will appear on the screen.
  • Finalize your video!
Videos can be easily published to YouTube and shared!

Here is an example:

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