Monday, January 9, 2017

Reflecting on Your Teaching Craft via the Swivl Robot

The Swivl is a robotic platform that educators utilize with a mobile device to record classroom instruction or presentations. The Swivl app works with any smartphone, tablet, or DSLR camera and provides an easy way to jumpstart flipped instruction. Teachers are also using the Swivl during observations and self reflection. To use the Swivl, educators will need to access to the Swivl Capture app, the Swivl Cloud, and the Swivl robot. The Swivl Capture app is free and available on both iOS and android devices. When the Swivl app is first launched, users sign in to the Swivl Cloud and can use their Birdville Google login or email to access the Swivl Cloud. Videos can be automatically stored in the Swivl Cloud, saving space to a mobile device. Swivl Cloud is free, secure, and allows for unlimited storage and sharing of video and is accessible from any internet device. Videos can be uploaded that were created in other platforms and educator can populate a library of video content to share with others using a link. Videos may also be embedded or shared with a group. To learn more about using the Swivl app or Swivl Cloud, watch the following video below.

The Swivl in Action: April May, English I teacher at Richland High School, is using the Swivl to improve her instruction and provide students with blended learning opportunities.

Digital Learning Platform: The Swivl serves as a best practice and structure toward facilitating a blended learning enviornment.

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