Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Discovery Education

If you have not visited the Discovery Education website lately, you may be missing out on some amazing resources that can strengthen your instruction, boost student engagement, and provide a platform for students to show what they know.  Discovery Education (formally known as United Streaming) is an online resource that provides digital video content, images, audio clips, a digital poster creation area, and a ton more.  Teachers who do not have an account yet can contact their Library Media Specialist to retrieve the campus code for Discovery Education and create their account.  Here are just a few highlights of what you will find:
  • Video content - video clips and segments that cover all core content areas and more! Most full videos are also segmented so you can use just a small portion you need for your focused instruction
  • Audio Clips/Digital Images - audio clips and digital images are available for classroom and student project use
  • Student Accounts - teachers can set up their students with accounts to Discovery Education. This allows teachers to assign specific content to their entire class or individual students.
  • Advanced Searches - keyword searches usually lead to the content for which you are looking. But advanced searching allows teachers to search by media type, language, TEK, and sometimes publishing date
  • Board Builder - teachers and students can build digital poster boards over any topic desired. Boards allow for multiple types of digital content to be displayed.
  • My Content - the Content area allows teachers to 'bookmark' their digital content for later use making it unnecessary to search for it again.  Also, there is a Campus Content area that digital content can be placed for everyone at a campus to use.  There is also a District Content area where content can be placed for district wide usage.
As you can see, the Discovery Education site has grown tremendously over the years to match the needs of teachers and students.  If you would like more information or training on this resource, please contact your campus Digital Learning Specialist.  We will be glad to help!

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  1. This looks like a great resource. I plan to use some of the video clips for my Social Studies classes to introduce/preview lessons.